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Propel Your Career With Education

Wabash is investing in your future with impactful, affordable learning.

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How It Works

Step 1

Log in to the Wabash Accelerator portal and create a profile to start browsing your personalized workplace education programs.

Step 2

Email or call to make an appointment with an Education Advisor. They will work with you to discuss your career and education goals. Together, we find the perfect school and program for you.

Step 3

You enroll in your school and program of choice. You receive the full support of your Education Advisor through to graduation.

Propel Your Career

Wabash has made a strategic investment in your career development.

You may have heard of tuition assistance where you can get discounted tuition rates. We are far beyond that. You gain a bold ally that is committed to helping you achieve your career and learning goals. You gain an entire success team that is with you every step of the way.

Best of all, you get choice. Every individual has unique needs and goals - we understand that and provide massive flexibility in school and program options. Your dedicated support team will work with you to develop your personalized education plan - completely custom to you.

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Am I Eligible for Accelerator?

To be eligible for this program, you must: 

  • Be an active Wabash full-time permanent employee.

  • Be in good standing with regard to all Wabash attendance and discipline policies.

  • Enroll in courses(s) related to positions at Wabash, at an accredited college, university, or other institution of higher learning that are completed as part of working towards a certificate or degree.

  • Enroll in course(s) or a degree program that is work related, related to employee’s current specialty, or to a career advancement/change within Wabash.
    • Examples of degrees that would be supported: Finance, business, engineering, etc.
    • Examples of degrees that would not be supported: Nursing, culinary, teaching, etc.
  • Obtain approval from supervisor and execute the Tuition Assistance Application prior to starting any coursework.

  • Provide documentation verifying the cost of the coursework, the employee’s payment for the coursework, and the employee’s final course grade. All must be provided within fourteen (14) business days of grade posting.

  • To receive reimbursement, undergraduate students must achieve a grade of C or better in each course; graduate students must achieve a grade of B or better in each course. Mastery of the course is the requirement for reimbursement, failed courses will not be reimbursed. 
Any exceptions to the eligibility criteria must be approved by the employee’s HR Director. Wabash may decline or withdraw approval of reimbursement under the Tuition Assistance Program at any time if any of the above eligibility criteria are not met. 

Designed for Working Adults

You may be able to complete your degree at little to no cost

Our network of universities and colleges brings you more than 600 online affordable programs. We offer a free course credit evaluation, to see what credits may transfer, helping you finish your degree faster.

Then, your support team works with you to find one of our top-rated programs that fits with your work-life balance and meets your career goals.


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Why Accelerator?

Accelerator empowers individuals to achieve their goals in an ever-changing world.

We are bridging the higher education gap by delivering content solutions in new and innovative ways to enrich the learning experience. We encourage learning to be a continuous, lifelong experience – an integral, essential part of every stage of building a career.

With Accelerator, earning your degree is easier than ever. Benefits include:

  • Convenient online format
  • Special tuition pricing
  • Over 20+ accredited colleges and universities
  • Customized programs for today's job market
  • Dedicated support team

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