Education for Impact

Download Education for Impact, an infographic from Wiley Beyond. This infographic highlights why workplace education is so much more than a benefit. Organizations are relying on the skills, commitment and motivation of their employees to help them succeed, and it's resulted in a whole new approach to learning that centers on business needs. Discover how workplace education has a bigger impact than you might think.



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Workplace education has an impact.

We surveyed more than 600 organizations across a variety of industries to show how today's companies are applying education to their business, and the impact they've seen. The infographic answers these questions:

  • How strong is education as an upskilling/reskilling tool?
  • How working with colleges to make education more responsive to workplace needs.
  • How does education help develop internal leadership?
  • How education is used as a way to attract, retain, and develop top talent.

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