The State of Internal Mobility, Succession, and Career Development 2021-22 report-State of Internal Mobility 21-22-1

HR is largely responsible for the issues of internal mobility, career development and succession management. Collectively, some experts refer to these issues as talent mobility.  Done well, talent mobility ensures that organizations have the right people ready at the right time for key roles today and in the future.

In September and October of 2021, gathered responses from approximately 350 HR professionals in virtually every vertical to explore the three components of talent mobility, focusing on:

  • The effectiveness of internal mobility, succession management, and career development processes;
  • The barriers to talent mobility and what actions contribute to success;
  • The technologies used for each aspect of talent mobility; and
  • The key differences between organizations with successful approaches to internal mobility, career development and succession management - and their less successful counterparts.

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"Two barriers to internal mobility are cited by more than a third of respondents: managers who are not encouraging of movement, and lack of positions to move employees into."

Reporting finding

Internal mobility report_finding chart